— Did you hear the exchange rate between the dollar and the euro favors the dollar right now? If you’re planning any trips abroad this summer, make sure you read Whitney Bradberry’s tips for international climbing on Outdoor Women’s Alliance. From visiting slightly out of season to taking advantage of rest days, she has great ideas (and lots of experience)!

— I’ve read a book about the early development of free climbing and I can’t believe how far we’ve come in a few decades. Ever wonder where this sport could possibly go next? Crux Crush has a great series on the future of climbing by John Burgman that describes the future climbing mentality, gear, gyms, and training.

Watch this 20-minute video about Rosa Post’s recovery from a fall that left her paralyzed. It’s so inspiring.

— RCW joined Instagram! Follow us @rockclimbingwomen, tag your photos #rockclimbingwomen, and we’ll keep an eye out.

It’s almost time to announce July’s feature theme – which we’ll do later this week. But first, it’s still June. We’d like to hear where you’re from, where you climb, and why you love it. Tag a photo on Instagram or leave a comment on any of our sites telling us a little about your Home Sweet Home and we’ll include it in a post before we leave this month behind.


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