— In a live chat at the 2015 GoPro Mountain Games, Sasha DiGiulian told interviewers, “Climbing is a male-dominated sport, but I think that’s rapidly changing. … There’s no reason that men will overpower women on that terrain.” She said something similar last month in a “Who Am I” video for Oprah. But really, let’s look at the most important quote: “People thrive the best when they’re having fun and enjoying what they’re doing in that moment. And for me, that’s climbing” (Huffington Post). Amen.

— As it warms up everywhere, maybe you’re feeling a little set back as you get back out on the rock. Sarah Murrell for Outdoor Women’s Alliance has some tips to get back in the trad climbing mental game after a season away. Great advice: “When I’m trying to get back into the climbing groove, I avoid top roping like the plague. It’s just too easy to feel confident and comfortable when a rope and partner is waiting to catch mistakes. For me, it’s a mental trap.”

— If you’re on Instagram and looking for more inspiration, be sure to check out Climbing magazine’s recent list of the best accounts to follow. The intensity, the beauty, the … dinosaur costume? It livened up my feed and I’m sure it will do the same for yours.

— Later this summer, Outside TV will show Celin Serbo’s segment of Las Vegas native Heather Weidner attempting The Great Red Roof 5.13b. Check out the trailer. In an interview with Mckenzie for RCW in March, Heather talked about ascending the climb featured in the video. “I was really nervous because I knew I could do it but I just had to keep things together,” she said.

— And just for fun: 12 reasons you should never date a rock climber (via Matador Network)



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