— I’ve been reading more of this fledgling magazine called Misadventures. It’s online-only right now, but it was started by a group of women who wanted to see a better outdoor magazine aimed at women. Here are a few climbing stores they’ve published so far:

— A belay ledge between pitches 11 and 12 on Half Dome’s most popular route – Regular Route (5.12a) fell off the wall sometime recently and was discovered by a climber attempting the route July 5, according to Rock and Ice. I note it because… a ledge fall off Half Dome. They say rock fall is common, but doesn’t that just seem eerie? Climbing magazine has a little more on the route/Half Dome under the banner photo asking, “Have you seen this flake?”

— Someone on our Facebook page mentioned John Long – his history and his writing. He has quite a few pieces on Rock and Ice. They don’t have dates, so I don’t know if he’s still doing that or not. Anyone else know? He has a great style and great thoughts on climbing and adventure. They’re worth the read.

— I loved watching Emily Harrington climb / talk about climbing Golden Gate (5.13; 40 pitches) on El Cap this spring in a video on Climbing. Big Walls are the big-wow in climbing – to me, at least. In the video, she’s very down-to-earth. At the base, she says, “I kind of think I forgot how to climb.” Nerves I know well…on climbing so much smaller than that. Outside magazine has a photo essay documenting the climb, as well. Outside called it one of the more impressive free climbs in women’s rock climbing history. I don’t know exactly what that means, but Congrats, Emily!



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