By Taryn Phaneuf

Two years after Rock Climbing Women began, we have a special announcement: We want more!

We want more inspiring stories, more route beta, more technical tips, and more gear recommendations – more destinations, meetups, and interviews. And we want to be the place you can find it all.

RCW started with the intention of connecting you with other women (virtually and …really) who like to spend their spare time climbing, from 5.4 to 5.14, top-rope to multipitch trad. To us, rock climbing is a sport, a diversion, and a lifestyle. We’re interested in hearing from women like you (and your best friend) about what makes climbing your go-to weekend plan (and about how it’s so much more than that).

With more weekly content, including interviews, gear, routes and tips, we want to inspire you and help you inspire others, whether you’re living out of your van or spending a ladies night at the local crag or gym.

Local groups help take the inspiration off the Internet. If you live in Las Vegas or Portland, Oregon, you’re in luck! RCW groups in these cities already have Facebook pages dedicated to getting together and introducing you to like-minded neighbors. Want to start a group in your area? Drop us a line.

In addition to monthly columns covering the essentials, we want to hear from you. Each month, we’ll have a new theme – a prompt, if you will. If it strikes you, send us your story. We’ll introduce the new theme each month, but if you’re looking ahead, you can find more information on our contributors page. Contributions can take any form, including (but never limited to):

  • Essays – Lots of words, a few photos
  • Photos with captions – Lots of photos, a few words
  • Listicles – Not a huge fan of paragraphs? Express yourself through top-10s or bullet points
  • Collaborative Q&As – Have a pack of friends with great personality and a story that’s just not the same if you’re not all telling it at once? Let’s do an interview!

This month, we want to hear about your Home Sweet Home. Where are you from? What’s your hometown climbing area? What’s the rock, the route, the approach that’s become as familiar as the back of your hand?

To submit your story, visit our contributors page and follow the steps. You don’t have to have a final draft to get on our calendar. Just send us a brief description of what you’d like to share and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Publishers Note: I’m very excited to have Taryn on board to help us grow our community of women and our website! Please share your stories your ideas etc. We are doing this for you all! The only contribution we ask is that you help us by sharing the stories we publish, providing us with content/ideas and just getting out and having some fun climbing! Climb On, McKenzi Taylor


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