Got a pair of shoes for x and another for y and z? A bombproof climbing pack? For the love of granite, can anyone recommend a pair of pants that will hold up to off-widths and chimneys?

In August, we want to know about your gear. What do you throw in your bag for every adventure? What did you try – because everyone loves it – and hate? What piece did you splurge on? We hope you’ll share your reviews and stories with us to help other climbers scout the products that will make their future experiences safer and more fun. We want to hear about all kinds of gear – technical to non-technical, formal to jerry-rigged. How do you take care of trash at the crag? Do your kids have climbing go-bags?As always, the only limit is your imagination. (Please review real things.)

If you use it, chances are someone else needs to hear about it. Like me. I really am looking for a more durable pair of pants!

At RCW, contributing is easy. Fill out the form below to get in touch. Tell us what you want to write about, and we’ll go from there.

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