Hi everyone. It’s later in the week than I planned, but I have a good reason. I spent this week moving from Kentucky to Washington state. It was busy but here I am, breathing thinner air and unpacking. Thanks to this move, this is the third summer I’ve driven across the Midwest to this country’s mountainous areas. Usually I have to go home. Not any more!

In honor of July, road trips, long weekends, destinations, and all the accompanying heat, we’ve decided to tell stories of summer throughout the month. We want to hear your tips and tricks for staying cool outside, like how you stay hydrated and fueled. We want to hear about your summer plans, too. Are you road-tripping to climb? Escaping early on a Friday?

You can contribute to RCW in whatever way suits you. We have some ideas on our contributor’s page. If you want to give some advice but don’t want to write a full post, look for chances to comment on Facebook and Instagram. We’ll compile your ideas and post them throughout the month.

May your summer days be long and full of adventure!

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