Southwest Limestone: An Alternative to Vegas Sport Climbing

My family and I recently spent some time climbing the limestone sport routes around the Mesquite area, about an hour north of Las Vegas. We visit the Southwest most winters, looking for a little escape from the South Dakota winter, and have always enjoyed Red Rocks, Joshua Tree, and Bishop. But this year we were …

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Belaggles - Rock Climbing Women

Belaggles | My Salvation!

I have to admit that when belay-glasses first came out years ago, I was skeptical. “Reflective lenses so you don’t even have to look at your climber? Geesh, how lazy are people?” I thought. But then as time went on, I started to notice myself becoming a less and less attentive belayer. I would start …

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Ribbons | A Poem

By Allison Coin The face bears long ribbons of navy, blonde, and salmon columns that rival one another for space to expand; they are not content with hundreds of vertical feet. Soft gray ripples dilute the strength of colors, like tears that blur one’s vision. I felt small when first bowing under the weight of …

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