What do you get someone (or you) in your life that is a climber? Perhaps you aren’t a climber but you want to wow your climber friend or partner with something unique, but don’t know where to start. Perhaps you want to buy yourself something. Perhaps, you just stumbled upon this list and are just browsing.

Either way, you are in the right place. This is a list we update on frequent and will continue to do so when we find anything we love. The goal is to keep these items under $50, but we might throw in a few here or there that we can’t live without.

So read on, friends. If you have a recommendation for the list, we are also all ears!

Please note, we either use these items personally, one of our ambassadors does or we have researched heavily before adding them to our list. This list does contain some affiliate links, but the opinions are our own.

Headlamp Petzl Tikka for Rock Climbing Gift Ideas

“My absolute favorite headlamp! Fit is comfortable and adjustable, the direction is adjustable, brightness is adjustable. Compatible with Petzl core or 3 AAA batteries.”

Recommended by RCW 2020 Ambassador, Ruth Rizzo.

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Liquid Chalk to Keep hands dry when rock climbing

Great for indoor climbing and training board sessions, the Metolius Liquid Super Chalk helps keep your hands dry as you tackle tough routes. Use it before the big send for maximum absorption.

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Portable Rock Rings for Rock Climbers

These rock rings are great to train on the go or in the home. They are ultra-portable, light and offer a high-quality workout at your finger tips.

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Rock Climbers Stocking Stuffer Idea

Hand balm or salve is a necessary item in the rock climbers tool kit. The salve will shorten the healing time for your hands so you can back to climbing more quickly.

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massage stick for rock climbers

“This is a household staple for us. It’s great for climbers but it’s great for everyone, honestly!”

Recommended by McKenzi Taylor, RCW Founder.

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stainless steel water bottle rock climber gifts

Keep your water cool in the summer and tea hot in the winter. Also works perfectly as a beer growler for swinging by your favorite local brewery after a hard climbing session.

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Belay Glove from Rock Climbing Women

I hate the way the rope feels as it’s sliding through my bare hands as I am belaying. These gloves do the trip. Durable, easy, light. Added bonus they keep your hands warm when it’s a bit chilly.

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Suspended Stone Necklace From Kate Rutherford

“I absolutely love this piece of jewlery. I wear the necklace all day, every day. It’s part of me and I get so many compliments. It’s simple and beautiful. Hand made by Kate Rutherford.

Recommended my McKenzi Taylor, RCW Founder

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“These have saved my neck and back.”

Recommended by Allison Coin. Rock Climber in Spearfish, South Dakota. Read her full love affair with Belaggles here.

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Access Fund Membership

This one seems like a no brainer. But over the years I have not only collected some of my favorite t-shirts with amazing artwork on the back, but helped support the areas we like to climb at. This is a perfect gift for the newer climber. The gift of keeping climbing areas open for all.

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Petzl Spatha Knife

This is an all-around great tool for the climber tool kit. Great for emergencies but also great to have when needing a knife to cute up your campfire charcuterie board. Has a feature so it locks and you won’t cut your finger as well. PERK!

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Belay Device

A multifunctional belay/rappel device for 1 or 2 climbers, the Petzl Reverso belay device is a lightweight, durable option for cragging, multipitch climbing and mountaineering.– REI had the best description out there. So I left it. This tool is the most important tool you can own as a climber.

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