This is a tough article to write. As the founder of a website called “Rock Climbing Women” I have been feeling a little like i’ve been living a lie. Why? I have hardly climbed in over a year.

It’s a little embarrassing to admit. I was on a super climbing high last summer at this exact same time, when I suffered from debilitating tendonitis in my right elbow. I decided to take a little break. A little injury turned into something that lasted well over a year. I was extra cautious about the elbow because I’m a photographer and use that right elbow extensively to do my work, so I wouldn’t even consider risking it.

Well, over time I started to pursue some of my previous favorite activities. I completed my second half ironman this past June and was determined to get my climbing head game back on while on our summer trip again. Despite my best intentions, I just couldn’t quite get into climbing this time around.

Was it the fear of getting hurt again? Was it the extra weight I have put on? Was it that my climbing partners are seriously crushing way beyond me now? I think it’s a little bit of all those time.

I personally have always envied those that find climbing to be their end-all-be-all. While I love that I have other interests and hobbies my diverse interests also prevent me from really getting better at any one thing. I not only see this in my athletic life, but I see it in my business as well. I think this is an area I need to embrace but, if I am being real, it’s also something I really struggle with.

I am determined to get after it again as my collaborating partner with RCW, Sue is pursuing a climbing competition in Las Vegas. It would be fun to really feel good about climbing again.

So, how do you get back after it after a hiatus? How do you find the motivation when starting from ground zero?

I’d love your advice!

Founder, Rock Climbing Women

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