Side Plank Pose

Every climber can benefit from having a strong core. From the moment you leave the ground, it’s what keeps you balanced and stable on the wall. Planks are one of the best exercises for building core strength. Along with strengthening the arms and wrists, the side plank variation enhances stability. The full expression of the pose, with the top leg lifted, strengthens the backs of the legs and further increases arm strength and balance.

Start in plank pose with shoulders over wrists, creating a straight line from the crown of your head to your heels keeping your shoulders away from your ears. Take a few deep breaths here then roll onto the outside edge of your foot to come into side plank. Stack you feet and align your hips and shoulders to create a straight diagonal line from the crown of your head to your feet while pressing your feet into the ground. Extend the top hand up and reach up towards the sky. Engage your legs and core to keep your hips lifted high. For more intensity lift your top leg perpendicular to the ground. Hold here for a couple deep breaths then return to plank dropping your knees to the ground if you need to. Repeat on the other side.

Beginner’s Tip: For added stability, start with the soles of your feet against a wall then once in the pose press your heels into the wall.

Climbers with serious wrist, elbow, or shoulder injuries should avoid this pose.

Download the Yoga Hip Sequence for Rock Climbers

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