Cape Raoul Rock Climbing Women

Cape Raoul, Tasmania | Favorite Rock Climbing Destination

By Lizzi Oh Favourite Places: Cape Raoul, Tasmania (click for more info on location) I love coming home to Tasmania in summer.  Climbing adventures by the sea, surrounded by glistening ocean and whistling wind.  Secluded, committing climbing.  Moving through a shifting landscape.  Fickle weather.  Feeling pretty out there.  I just mistook a fur seal grunting …

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Ribbons | A Poem

By Allison Coin The face bears long ribbons of navy, blonde, and salmon columns that rival one another for space to expand; they are not content with hundreds of vertical feet. Soft gray ripples dilute the strength of colors, like tears that blur one’s vision. I felt small when first bowing under the weight of …

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Sierras | Rock Climbing

My Climbing Story

By McKenzi Taylor I learned what rock climbing was while I was in college and a good friend of mine was dating a climber (Allison, she’s a contributor). She would talk about the lifestyle they had, the adventures they went on together and the mystery that made climbing a thrill. While I was doing some …

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