Hands of woman climbing on a dark cliff.

Grip Strength Testers: What Are They and Why Do I Want One?

So you’ve been improving your grip strength through focused warm-ups and stretches, increasing your grip strength by mixing up training holds on the bouldering wall, and finally working all those grip strength exercises into your routine, now it’s time to test your forearm muscles and hand strength with a grip strength tester. Do you need …

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Best Women's Rock Climbing Shoes Features Image

Best Women’s Climbing Shoes

Quick List – Best Women’s Climbing Shoes • La Sportiva TC Pro• La Sportiva Testarossa• La Sportiva Muira VS• La Sportiva Solution• La Sportiva Skwama• Scarpa Vapor V Different shoe companies generate different brands of women climbing shoes annually. The different rock faces around the globe play an enormous role in this. Whether you are …

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Rock Climbing Women - Road Trip Essentials - Leici Hendrix

Road Trip Essentials

By Leici Hendrix 1. What is your longest road-trip and where?   My longest road trip was to Hueco Tanks in El Paso, TX. I used to spend a month or two every season there. I would drive down and camp out of my car at the Rock Ranch the first few years, and then …

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Here’s a New Year’s resolution for you

By Aimee Roseborrough Most of us have similar resolutions: eat better, train harder, be kinder, etc, but how about a resolution to help the earth and make your life easier? I’m talking about using a menstrual cup. You can decrease your impact on the earth by not using tampons and/or pads anymore! Menstrual cups have become slightly …

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